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Residential Leak Detection Services

It takes a blending of expert specialists and quality equipment to detect hidden leaks. With our extensive training programs and state-of-the-art equipment we have saved homeowners billions of litres of water. By utilising our methods, not only are we saving water, but saving homeowners millions of dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well.

While it is true that leaks are more common in older properties, newer properties can have problems too. Poor construction and corrosion and in many cases, ground movement can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time. If undetected, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.

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Australian Leak Detection of Victoria offers service in the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Melbourne - all suburbs

Customer Testimonials

Great and thorough investigation. your technician identified a small crack in the skimmer bascket as the culprit and after adding some resin or glue, the pool is back to working again. i was thrilled with the result. have already emailed my praise to the store a while ago.

Roya -

Service given was A grade. Receptionist was terrific and got me same day service. This was fantastic as I had a leak in my pool. Scuba Steve was friendly and professional.

Brenda C - Melbourne AUST VIC