About Australian Leak Detection™

Who We Are & Where We Come from

Richard “Dick” Rennick founded the first leak detection business in 1974 and has developed a worldwide network of offices to detect hidden leaks. From concealed plumbing systems to swimming pool cracks, we are known for utilising the most innovative electronic leak detection equipment to locate leaks without digging up yards or bashing holes in walls.

What You Can Expect

Australian Leak Detection is proud to set the standard high when it comes to non-invasive leak detections and repairs with alleviating methods and cutting-edge technology. With unparalleled continuing, methodology, and extensive training education, you can rest assured that a network of highly trained Original Leak Specialists™ is available at every franchise location around the world.

Corporate Success

Australian Leak Detection is part of the American Leak Detection network, which is a collection of leak detection franchises all over the world. John Myers of Victoria opened the first Australian Leak Detection business in 1989. Now there are numerous locations as our business continues to thrive. We aim to provide all of our fellow Australians with the leak solutions that they need to protect their properties and conserve water.

There are many reasons to leave your trust with us, some of which include:

  • We service hundreds of thousands of municipalities, businesses, and residences each year
  • Our corporation extends across the globe, with nine international franchises
  • We have discovered millions of leaks and save customers billions of liters of water

In addition to our success as a corporation, each of our individual franchises hand-selects and extensively trains all of our leak detection specialists. Every technician that you speak to has a full understanding of what you may be going through and knows just how to help you resolve your problem.

Our Mission Statement

At Australian Leak Detection, our mission and values are clearly expressed in one simple statement:

We strive to identify leaks in an environmentally safe, efficient, and non-invasive manner. We provide courteous, professional, and prompt customer service while providing the best leak detection services in the world.

So no matter what problems you’re experiencing with your plumbing, you can trust that one call to us will result in rapid and effective solutions that cause as little damage to your property as possible.

Our Customer Reviews

  • "Very good service and reasonably priced."

    - Gasworks Industrial

  • "So rare these days to find this kind of service. We feel so fortunate to have had them recommended to us by another plumber who felt like the job was too much for him."

    - Debra V.

  • "I can't say enough good things about their service!"

    - Carolyn R.

  • "What truly amazed us was how SWIFTLY you got back with us, after only sending out our email of distress last night that our pool still had a slight leak (and on a public holiday weekend at that)!"

    - A&E

  • "Excellent service!"

    - Grace C.

  • "They showed up on time and gave good advice with a fair price."

    - Alda F.

  • "They provided friendly, fast, and extremely efficient service!"

    - Noosa M.

  • "I have recommended this company to everyone I know!"

    - Catherine B.

  • "I would highly recommend."

    - Tatiana R.

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The Australian Leak Detection Promise

Dealing with a leak can be an expensive and stressful situation. We’re here to quickly and effectively address the issue so you can protect your property value and your budget. At Australian Leak Detection, we arrive on schedule and on time, treat you and your property with respect, and leave the premises clean once the job is complete. We offer our customers greater peace of mind with quality leak detection services from the number one leak detection company in the country and the world. If you notice signs of a leak, don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Australian Leak Detection right away for expert leak detection services.

Contact us at to learn more about our goals and who we are. We’re proud to provide you with reliable leak solutions. Franchise opportunities are also available!