Commercial & Municipal Pool Crack Injection

Reliable & Effective Fixes for Pool Leaks

Commercial and municipal pools see a lot of use. This wear and tear, combined with natural shifts in the earth and other factors, can cause cracks in the concrete. When water leaks through these cracks, it can lead to all sorts of damage, including further concrete erosion, freeze and thaw damage, structural failure, and more. Australian Leak Detection™ utilises a non-toxic polymer resin to fill in the leak in a procedure called crack injection.

Some of the advantages to using crack injections for pool leaks:

  • Can be done in wet or dry conditions
  • Non-invasive method that preserves your pool’s structure
  • Deep penetration into cracks
  • Flexible and waterproof

Our skilled and experienced technicians use up to 1,360 kg of pressure to ensure the polymer resin fills in the crack completely, including microscopic fissures. This solution stops leaks without digging or destruction to the pool or your property. Crack injection is permanent and flexible, meaning the polymer resin will stay put and will not crack.

Highly Trained Professionals Ready for Any Leaks

Australian Leak Detection has served the local community for years. If you suspect a leak, we are the team to call. Our company is passionate about maintaining quality work and exceptional customer service. Unlike some companies in the industry, we are honest and transparent with all of our pricing. We will not attempt to sell you on a product or service that you do not need. When you call our company for pricing, we will give you an honest and reasonable estimate to repair.

We take pride in hiring the most qualified leak detection specialists for our team in order to provide the best service to property owners dealing with leaks or pool-related issues. We offer extensively experienced technicians who are committed to providing friendly, honest customer service. Whether you have a small leak or a larger crack that is already causing issues, we can detect and repair cracks in the concrete as quickly as possible.

If you suspect a pool crack or leak, give us a call today to get the repair process started!

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