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A pool leak is a minor issue if it is repaired quickly. Some people prefer to leave the issue alone in order to save money. However, this actually ends up costing much more money over time due to the accumulation of damage. If you have a pool leak, it is vital to call someone to help you fix the issue immediately.

Australian Leak Detection™ is a company that has years of experience performing this work for customers in the area. Our leak detection specialists have undergone extensive training and practice to provide the most accurate pool leak detection possible.

Common Signs of a Leak in Your Pool’s System

Locating a leak in your pool can be tricky. If you’re wondering whether you should call a professional, you can check out the common signs of a pool leak below.

Your pool may be leaking if:

  • Cracks are appearing
  • Air is in the pool filter
  • You notice mushy spots
  • The water is evaporating rapidly, leading to excessive water loss

If you notice anything wrong with your pool, call a professional as soon as possible so the problem can be identified in a timely manner.

Leak Detection Done Right

Our company is built on providing a quality experience to customers. We believe that offering fair pricing is the only way for us to accomplish this goal. Australian Leak Detection will give you a transparent price and a breakdown of all the work needed before we begin.

One of the best things about working with Australian Leak Detection is our leak detection team. Our leak detection specialists have passed rigorous training and possess extensive experience handling a variety of leak-related issues.

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If you suspect you have a pool leak or other plumbing issues, fixing the problem is crucial to preventing further damage. With our Leak Detection Without Destruction™ philosophy, our goal is to minimise the damage to your pool.

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