Commercial & Municipal Pool Repairs

Save Your Pool from Costly Damage

Municipal pools receive much wear and tear during the course of a year. This means that they are also more susceptible to leaks. When leaks happen, there is only one company to call to get the problem diagnosed and fixed: Australian Leak Detection™. We have been in business since 1974, and our highly trained service professionals have earned us a reputation as the Number One Leak Detection Company In The Country And The World™. Trusted by countless businesses and homes here and abroad, we are known for providing expert solutions for pool leaks, water leaks, drains, and water-related systems.

When your commercial or municipal pool needs repairs, contact Australian Leak Detection at .

How To Tell If Your Pool Is Leaking?

Although it can be hard to tell whether a pool is leaking, there are some early signs that can alert you to a potential problem. The sooner the problem is found and addressed, the less potential exists for damage and extra costs.

Some common signs of a pool leak:

  • Cracks in the pool structure or equipment
  • Soggy areas around the pool
  • Air in the pool filter system
  • Pool coping is sinking
  • Water seems to be evaporating faster than normal

Trusted for Commercial & Municipal Pool Repairs

When you call Australian Leak Detection, you'll reach a team of skilled and experienced technicians. In addition to our exceptional, non-invasive leak detection, we can perform pool fixes such as underwater epoxy repairs, skimmer box changeouts, hydrostatic valve replacements, and more. Ensure money and resources aren't leaking out of your commercial and municipal pool; trust Australian Leak Detection for leak detection and repair.

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When it comes to commercial pool repairs, turn to the professionals. Call to schedule your service today.