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A pool, spa, or fountain can add beauty and luxury to hotels, fitness centres, apartment buildings, and other commercial or municipal properties. However, maintaining these water features is vital to their function and efficiency. If you suspect a leak in your pool, spa, or fountain, it is crucial to get the issue fixed as soon as possible. Act quickly to minimise potential water damage, increased water bills, or unnecessarily high repair costs. With more than 40 years of experience and advanced technology, Australian Leak Detection can find leaks quickly and accurately.

We can help protect your property from water damage by detecting even the smallest leaks. Call to schedule a service!

Signs Your Water Feature is Leaking

Building managers and property owners don’t always know how to recognise the signs of a pool, spa, or fountain leak. Knowing the signs to watch for can help prevent costly damage or repair bills later.

Some common signs your water feature is leaking include:

  • You lose more than a third of a centimetre of water within 24 hours
  • You see cracks or loose tiles around your spa, pool, or fountain
  • You observe algae or mildew growing following a chemical treatment
  • You notice the automatic filler constantly releasing water

Know Before You Go Pricing

Perhaps the biggest benefit in working with Australian Leak Detection is our transparent pricing. Some companies provide a reasonable estimate but end up charging much more for the services thanks to hidden fees and surprise upcharges. Our team will provide you with an estimate up front and make sure you know of any changes or additional charges long before you see the invoice. If you value honesty and integrity in business, choose Australian Leak Detection.

The Original Leak Detection Specialists™

Our large team of expertly trained leak detection specialists has extensive experience in the field. We utilise advanced technology and equipment that allows us to detect leaks accurately in a non-invasive manner, so your property remains intact. Rely on our fast and friendly technicians to find the leak in your pool, fountain, or spa today.

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