Commercial & Municipal Pool & Fountain Equipment Repairs

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Water Systems

A commercial pool is a great way to set your business apart from others in the area. The maintenance required on a pool or spa can be extensive and difficult to manage. It is best to leave pool and plumbing issues to the experts. If you find a leak, it is essential to fix it immediately.

Australian Leak Detection™ is a company that specialises handling issues that arise from a pool, spa, and fountain equipment. If you need some commercial pool and spa equipment, we are the team you can call for cost-effective solutions done in a prompt manner.

Our equipment repair services include:

  • Pump and filters - We can keep your pumps and filters in great shape so that your water can properly filter water in and out of your pool.
  • Pool or spa valves - As one of the key components of a pool, the valve is responsible for directing water flow through the structure's various types of equipment. We are able to repair a variety of valve models and sizes.
  • Drains - Whether your main drain is clogged or leaking, our technicians are skilled at identifying even the trickiest leaks or clogs in your drain’s systems.

Maintaining a pool is vital to ensure it is functioning correctly. Working with our company is the best way to find and fix issues quickly. Give us a call today to get our help!

Worry-Free Pricing for Customers

At Australian Leak Detection, we strongly believe in adding value to our customers through the maintenance and repair process. This is one of the reasons why we have transparent pricing with all of our customers. Before our skilled leak detection specialists work on your pool, you will know exactly how much the repairs will cost. Unlike other companies in the industry, Australian Leak Detection does not try to sell you for repairs you do not need.

Trusted Leak Detection Specialists

Another reason to work with our company is our skilled leak detection specialists. All of our specialists have completed rigorous training in the field. Australian Leak Detection takes pride in the work that our leak detection specialists perform. Our company has commercial pool and spa equipment to meet your needs. With The Original Leak Detection Specialists™ on your side, the repairs will be completed quickly.

If you are tired of dealing with pool or spa issues, give us a call today at for a cost-effective solution.