Residential Leak Repairs

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Do you know that your home plumbing system has a leak, but you don't know where to start when it comes to repairs? Trust in our expertly trained technicians at Australian Leak Detection™. Each technician goes through a rigorous training program that benefits your home with skilled labor. Finding and repairing that leak is a simple process with our water leak detector technology leading the way.

Call our office today for an honest upfront estimate. Our staff promises an estimate that's reasonable and transparent so that you feel comfortable moving forward with the repairs.

There are several potential locations for a leak, including:

  • In the walls
  • Within the foundation
  • Underneath the lawn
  • Under household sinks

Difficult leaks are our specialty. Be aware that your leak could stem from several different areas. Your technician finds each one in the least invasive way possible because our company offers "Leak Detection Without Destruction™." Request your free estimate today by calling today.

Top-Quality Repair Solutions

Many residents worry about the potential high cost of leak repairs in their homes. Don't ignore the problem; call Australian Leak Detection! Our plumbing leak detection experts utilise advanced scanning tools and computers in order to narrow down the problems. In fact, there's generally no cutting, drilling, or other invasive actions performed in your home.

Depending on a leak's location, our technicians create a repair strategy and discuss the options with you for your approval. Ask us about our guarantees, because we want you to be pleased with any work performed on your home. If a leak requires a new pipe, trenchless projects are commonplace. Skilled leak detection specialists slide a new pipe in with the old one so that an overlap occurs.

There's no reason to dig up your property when clever repair strategies are at your disposal. Leak detection services are often advertised by other companies, but no other group has the dedication and training found at our facilities. Allow our 40 years of experience to benefit your home as leaks are quickly repaired for improved property value and quality of life.

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