Residential Sewer Camera Inspection

We Find Sewer Leaks Quickly & Accurately

Your plumbing system is more than just a set of pipes within a structure's walls. Many of these pipes directly connect to the sewer where your waste water moves out to municipal treatment plants. Your plumbing and sewer lines may work without fail for several decades, but leaks can occur over time. Your solution? Work with our specialists at Australian Leak Detection™.

Our expertly trained technicians use their extensive knowledge to resolve your sewage-line issue quickly and efficiently. Australian Leak Detection uses the latest technology to pinpoint your property leaks. A sewer camera inspection is the best way to see into the pipes without digging up your property. Our technicians send a tiny, flexible, high-definition camera down the line, which transmits an instant image to a monitor, tablet, or smartphone. These images are crisp and clear so that any leaks are obvious. Each damage point becomes documented, which leads to an accurate estimate on the final repair cost. Because we're committed to "Leak Detection Without Destruction™," our team uses only trenchless pipe repair to complete the work.

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Quality Inspections You Can Trust

There's a reason why we're known as the "Number One Leak Detection Company in the Country and the World." Our skilled leak detection specialists know what to look for if a property has a suspected sewage problem.

They'll look for these signs of leaks or failure, including:

  • Mystery puddles in the yard
  • Sunken landscaping
  • Foul odors

Once our leak detection technicians locate a problem, they'll turn to our advanced, industry-leading tools that make your appointment as damage-free as possible. Each of our technicians goes through thorough training that helps develop their skills in the field for accurate inspections every time. Trust in the company that's been performing repairs for more than 40 years. Australian Leak Detection is dedicated to quality repairs and value-oriented services.

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With the help of our water leak detector technology, those sewer leaks can be repaired with minimal damage to your property.

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