Nobody Stepping Up to Fix Water Leak in Australian City

Nobody Stepping Up to Fix Water Leak in Australian City

With the local water authorities, city council and railroad company all claiming it’s not their responsibility, a water leak remains running in one Australian city. The Maribyrnong Weekly reports water continues to pour nearly 18 months after the leak began at the railway station in Tottenham.

“Now you get off a train and you have to walk across the whole width of the footpath. When trucks go through, people get splashed with dirty water,” resident Craig Stephenson told the news source.

In addition to the water pipe leak, Stephenson said the station has been allowed to deteriorate for months without anyone attempting to make repairs or acknowledge the situation.

According to the paper, VicTrack, the rail company who runs the station, said it investigated the leak with city officials, who shut off the main. However, the leak persisted, and VicTrack referred the matter to Melbourne Water, believing it may be one of their pipes leaking. No action has yet been taken.

More than $4 billion were granted to the Regional Rail Link from the country’s Department of Transport in 2009 for rail and station upgrades – none of which has been used to fix the leak.