Experts Called In To Investigate Water Loss At Local Resort

Experts Called In To Investigate Water Loss At Local Resort

Versace’s full time pool techs discovered large volumes of salt were constantly being added to two large water features in the resort’s pool areas. Australian Leak Detection was called in to investigate the loss of salt as a result from this water loss.

Full structure and pressure tests were conducted on the water feature. But only three small leaks were discovered in light conduits when the feature was in operation and these leaks were not large enough for the volume of water lost. This enabled us to find there was a flaw in the new “power saving procedures.” In the months prior to us investigating the leaks, operating procedures had changed and most of the water feature’s pumps were shut down at night to save electricity.

We discovered the water in the upper tiers of the water feature flowed down into the lower tiers. The lower tiers then filled so fast that the shutdown system could not pump the water back and simply overflowed and down into the stormwater.

When the system started the following day the ballast tank would almost empty and the auto fill system would kick in to replace the lost water overnight.