Gold Coast Resident Faces $5,000 Water Bill Caused By Leak

Gold Coast Resident Faces $5,000 Water Bill Caused By Leak

LATEST water bills have sparked calls for Gold Coast City Council to immediately notify residents if their meter readers detect leaks.

Coombabah businessman Brad Horrocks said his pensioner father, Neale, 79, was hit with a $5000 bill and a local business owner copped a $20,000 bill after undetected leaks pushed their water use through the roof.

“My dad usually pays about $600 for water, so he was shocked when he got his bill,” Mr Horrocks said.

The council has given him a $3658 rebate but his son is concerned about his next bill after a recent underground leak went undetected for two hours.

“Unfortunately with the present system, householders are not told what has been read by meters until 90 days later, so if there is a major pipe break, they have no idea of it until three months later,” Mr Horrocks said.

“Councils will pay a 60 per cent rebate if a high bill is caused by a broken pipe, but only once.

“You are not allowed to get another rebate like this for three years.”

He said he was concerned his father could cop another massive bill, which he would have to pay, after the recent leak he discovered.

“A local businesswoman and a friend of mine has just got a $20,000 water bill because of a leak,” Mr Horrocks said.

Fred Woodley, of the Paradise Point Progress Association, said he had received a $1100 bill caused by a leak but he was hopeful he would get a rebate from the council.

Gary Mays, secretary of Gold Coast North Chamber of Commerce and owner of Whywait Plumbers, said he had a number of calls since water bills were issued from locals concerned about their high bills.

“As soon as the water bills come out, our phones run red hot,” he said.

“The council has an early warning system and it should immediately notify people of leaks to avoid expensive bills.”