Queenslanders Seek Relief From Increasing Water Costs

Queenslanders Seek Relief From Increasing Water Costs

The cost of water in Australia continues to skyrocket. Last year alone, household water prices rose 17 percent; despite the fact consumption was trending downward. The same ABS stats indicate Queensland scored second highest in the country for both water consumption and average price paid.

In a typical household, Australians consume 350 litres each day, or 1.31 million litres annually. Local government officials have been warning residents to expect rate increases of 10 percent each year, due to the large increase in bulk water prices set by state governments. Taking water for granted could lead to mandatory water restrictions.

Queenslander’s water bills may continue to rise beyond their control, but there are several steps householders can take to save money. Darren and Nerolie Nealis, owners of Australian Leak Detection of South Brisbane & Gold Coast, offer complete leak detection services, specialising in pool and water main leaks.

As a leader in the accurate, non-destructive detection of hidden water and pool leaks, the Nealis team uses proprietary methods and technology to locate and repair expensive leaks, saving time, money and unnecessary property damage.

Ignoring or putting off hidden leaks can prove costly to residents, businesses and the environment. For instance, a 3mm hole in a metal pipe leaks 9,500 litres of water in just 24 hours. One leak the size of a pinhead can waste 1,362,708 litres per year, enough to fill 12,000 bathtubs to the overflow mark. Checking for leaks annually helps combat unseen leaks and high water bills.

The first Australian Leak Detection began serving the Victoria area in 1989. Local offices now service the Northern Territory, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane/Gold Coast and Melbourne. The Nealis’ purchased their Queensland territory in March 2007. They operate three trucks and employ a staff of three from their office in Tallai, Qld.

For more information, or to schedule a leak audit of your home, visit www.australianleakdetection.com.au or call 0416 626 437.

Australian Leak Detection was founded in 1989 as a pillar of a global franchise that leads the world in accurate, non-destructive detection of hidden water, sewer and gas leaks in residential, commercial and municipal buildings. With more than 140 independently owned and operated franchises in six countries, technicians have detected more than 6 million leaks, saving customers millions of dollars in costly repairs. The corporate headquarters is located in Palm Springs, Calif. USA. The corporation is dedicated to water conservation, resource protection and providing eco-friendly services. For more information visit here.